Best typography infographics

If you have been reading my posts for quite a bit, you already know how much I love typography and how I feel about applying good typographic techniques to all designs.

While researching for ideas in the trendy subject of Infographics, I stumbled across lots of cool infographics for typography.  These designs will bring my old typography posts to life.


1.  Cliff Kuang present a great guide to recognize typefaces. We can revisit some old post on typeface selection for your brand.


2.  The Evolution of Typography presents letter forms within a Venn diagram, and uses type to illustrate the changing tides of font style.


3. Utilizing a different trope of scientific-diagram-turned-font-infovis, the Periodic Table attempts to organize fonts by relationship and complexity.



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  1. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    Just found you! Love this. Can you share the possibility of purchasing any of the posters? My husband works in the science world, so that is very apropos.

  2. Andrea Beltrami
    Andrea Beltrami says:

    AWESOME finds – typography is one of my current favorite subjects….well after infographics of course! I’m pinning them all now, thanks for sharing!! 😉

  3. Radek Szłyk
    Radek Szłyk says:

    Great stuff, I really like the retro feel all these infographics have, it takes me back to the golden era of typography when Helvetica ruled 😉

  4. Julia Agnes
    Julia Agnes says:

    So stunning!
    Thanks you a lot for sharing
    I love typo… but infographic is a new trend
    and combination of typography and infographic is a cool solution!

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