Branding Joneses Style

About a year ago I saw this seemingly interesting film in Redbox on a solo Friday night and since I had no big plans thought why not.  It listed a host of stars including Demi Moore, David Duchovny and Lauren Hutton so I thought it looked promising.  After the first 20 minutes of it I quickly caught on to the main theme/plot and thought how brilliant a concept for a movie & in business!  It’s about what appears to be a classic, wealthy suburban family who seems to have it all.  But as the story unravels, you come to understand that “the family” is commissioned ($$$) by an international marketing company, which I’m sure is a conglomerate of several, to introduce their products into the right market niche via unconventional & REALLY smart methods.  (Yes, you should totally rent it. Check out the trailer at ).

So since I’m not a movie critic (at least professionally that is…) you might be wondering why the heck I’m blogging about this.  It’s because the clever concept they employ is all about having confidence when talking about the brands they are selling and consistency of their sales tactics.  And that my friend is what easily translates I gotta have it now to big sales for the product or service.  HOW A BRAND IS REPRESENTED TRULY AFFECTS THE SUCCESS OF WHAT’S BEING SOLD!  Representation of your brand, via your website or print marketing materials, is paramount to supremacy as opposed to mediocrity in your market industry.

Do you have the vision, tenacity and marketing savvy to leverage your brand to all its potential and watch your sales and profit
margins soar?  I’m sure the answer to the latter part of that question is yes but you may not be sure about how to employ the leverage part.  I’m no expert but I do give some noteworthy morsels in my last blog titled .   So take a few maneuvers from my playbook and let me know how implementing just a few works for you, your potential or current clientele, and I look forward to hearing back on the blogs.  Until then…decide if you’ll be Jonesin’ on your competition or if they’ll be Jonesin’ on you.



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  1. Alex Design
    Alex Design says:

    Sounds good to me I would try to find this movie today. For sure that’s what marketing is all about. First we make our product attractive and than we promote it for our target audience. I have been working in marketing for some years and we have been selling different services and goods and I have noticed that even something without sense but with a right marketing strategy can be sold. It’s an art to promote products and very interesting field.

    • ybarber
      ybarber says:

      Thanks for the comment Alex. The movie is quite inspiring from a marketing standpoint. It certainly confirms the power of “speaking into & giving life” to your brand and certainly the power of consistent reinforcement through less obvious ways. No one wants to really “be sold”. So, subtlety with a tad of tenacity goes further I think. Strategy is King! ~Yvonne

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