Why does my site need Chat?  Sites with Virtual Chat see an increase in sales – 20% of online shoppers list chat as their preferred method of communication.  Live chat fans are more likely to have higher household income, shop more frequently, and spend more.

What can my Chat Agent do?  This chat can replace every “contact us” form on your website.  It can be customized to match the style and color of your site.  Your Virtual Chat agent can provide visitors with answers to FAQ’s, links to pertinent information, capture questions and contact information, and send transcripts to anyone in your company.

Why Automated?  Never miss another potential sale.  24 hour support available on your website to engage with every single visitor.

How is our Customer Experience Different?  Most virtual chats require the website visitor to “click to engage”.  Our chat software automatically engages – you can customize when the proactive chat begins.

Does this require coding?  Our install is simple and easy, most websites are up and running within 10 minutes of receiving their widget.  We send you a small snippet of code that gets installed on your site, on any page you choose.