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  1. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    Did you see the piece in the New York Times magazine yesterday about the Olympic logo? Pretty amazing that it was created back in 1914 and is still so timeless.

  2. Daphne Lenti
    Daphne Lenti says:

    Is very interesting Lynn!
    Please stay posted because during this week and the next one we will have some other infographics about the Olympic Games. The next one dedicated to design; logo design, medals, torch and much more.

  3. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Even though this isn’t “my industry” per se as a Content Writer. Nevertheless, I do understand the importance of imagery and the impact it has on any content (web or print media) and how imagery really enhances (or can take away if not complimentary) written content. This was very informative…thanks Daphne!

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