How To: Add a MailChimp Signup to your Facebook Page


This post is part of our Reluctant Social Media Manager series, support for those of us who want measurable social media results with the least amount of effort.

Ever wonder how some Facebook Pages have all kinds     of tabs that look more like a cool website than a boring FB page? Well those are Facebook Pages Apps and they don’t just look cool, they are cool.

Facebook Pages Apps help you add features to your Facebook page to eliminate extra clicks for visitors. Instead of a visitor having to go to your About Us page, to find the link to your website, to see your latest video – they can just click on your Video Tab.


Today we’re going to review the steps of how to install a MailChimp signup form onto your Facebook Page.

1. Login to your MailChimp account and create a new list (or use an existing list).

2. Create and format your Signup Form by clicking on Signup Forms, General Forms, and then make sure “Signup Form” is selected in the Forms and Response Emails dropdown.



3. Format your signup form using MailChimp’s intuitive options. Your Facebook Tab is going to display as the Signup Form for your list. Make sure the Signup Form is formatted in the manner you would like to see it on your Facebook Page.



4. Once your list is created and the signup form is created, click on your profile dropdown and select “Account”.



5. Choose “Integrations”, scroll down and select “Facebook”.




6. Select the Facebook Page you want the tab to appear on and choose which MailChimp List you want to use. Click “yes” for “Use signup form tab”, choose the theme you want to use, and lastly name your tab. The “Tab Label” is the name the tab will show on your Facebook page.



7. Press Save, then navigate to your Facebook change (you may need to refresh) and see your newly created signup tab!


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