More Graphic Design Vocabulary Terms – Printing Terms #2

Last week we open a new series on common terms on the design industry. Or first article was a nice chart with the terms that are used the most on the Printing Industry. This week we are staying close to the printing industry, using more specific terminology.


printing terms 2 page 1printing terms 2 page 2

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  1. Brian W
    Brian W says:

    The distinction between pixels per inch and dots per inch is not made clear here. These terms are very commonly misunderstood and misused. PPI relates to a digital image, either in a file or on a digital display, which is a right-angled grid of equal-sized square or rectangular pixels each defined by bits of data describing their brightness. DPI relates to the dots in a halftone printed image, which are quite different from pixels in that they are usually round and positioned on an oblique angled grid, and display the gamut of tones by varying in size.

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