Ready to Go Tribal -Why We Need Triberr

Social Media cartoonJust when we thought Pinterest was one of the coolest and innovative ways to share content, namely sticky notes and images, along comes…(hear the drum roll)…TRIBERR! I won’t deny  that at first, I like some of your reading this, though “What the heck is Triberr?  My second thought was, great another app/software/latest & supposed greatest to manage my info/data/life.  So I’ll start with the basics and lead you onto a path where I highlight some of the pros and cons voiced about it and from there, it’s up to you.

The blog world according to Triberr needs their help as they tout “IMAGINE…Hundreds of bloggers reading, discussing and sharing your content for free.  Join a tribe of related bloggers, and Triberr will import your latest posts for the group to read and share whilst you enjoy theirs. Delight your followers, while growing your reach.”  Right off the bat I begin my dissection of their promotion.

#1  Sounds great right – no branding or tattooing.  So far, not bad.
#2  Free sounds good-especially as bloggers.  Rarely are we paid what we should be for all the painstaking time it takes to research and write solid content
and not just pontificating pointless opinions. We’re on a roll!
#3  Related bloggers – hmmm, smells like a bit of competition & peeking from your desk at my test in school but I get it that sharing is what Triberr is all
about.  Feeling a little reluctant though but I’ll go with it for the sake of research.
#4 For the group to read and share – what is my blog, a bag of M&M’s?  A comic book?  Sharing sounds great if it’s going to get me more hits and exposure
but is their network the kind of network I WANT to share my blog with?  Whom else are they sharing my blog and as an extension thereof, my information with?

Ok, now that I’ve gotten out my own issues out about it, here are other relevant and thought-provoking opinions about Triberr.

-Gives followers more diverse content and increases your reach and expands your business network
-Access great information from others like writers/bloggers that is zero-inned on your particular area of expertise, geography
-A new reader system that could replace Google Reader for many users
-WordPress offers an all-in-one plugin with seamless integration into your blog


-Some unhealthy practices have included people posting vast amounts of updates each day just to get multiple shares;
-It can be hard to find the right “mesh” and specific but rare topical tribe
-Many question Triberr’s method of tweeting/retweeting posts and it’s reliability
-Tribes can selectively choose not to promote your blogs

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  1. Dino Dogan
    Dino Dogan says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    Thnx for writing about us 🙂

    Also, thank you for noticing that Triberr is a great alternative to google reader. We dont “sell” it as such, but I use it as a reader, and we know bloggers are some of the most voracious content consumers, so it only makes sense 🙂

    As for the cons, I hope this doesnt come off little heavy-handed, but I’d like to offer few pointers.

    Those who post many updates can be removed from the tribe, or muted. Also, you can always leave the tribe they’re in.

    There are over 50000 tribes. But if you’re having a hard time finding the right tribe, make your own.

    Anyone can choose to promote or not to promote. Each tribe sets up its own culture, which is dictated by the Chief and the early members.

    Anyone can be a Chief 🙂

    Hope that helps clarify things a bit. Lemme know if you have any other Qs 🙂


    Founder of Triberr

    • YBarber
      YBarber says:

      Hi Dino- wow, thank you for reading & commenting on my blog. What an honor! Thanks for the clarifications and I’m glad to hear more about all the great things you guys are doing at Triberr. I actually just recommended Triberr to some colleagues and they are most impressed with the concept and plan to utilize your services soon.


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