Write It Like You Live It!

A content writer or business blogger (whether plume or keyboard, or in my case, both) takes on the identity of his/her subject as though they are vicariously living as the CEO or decision maker for that business entity.  It is in this forum where jack of all trades requires that you master, at least on some level, all & not none.  A good content writer or blogger assumes the identity of employee/employer and advocate for that business.

Taking on a client who is part of an industry in which you’ve never been employed can seem overwhelming or to some impossible.  Do you take that client on and fluff your credentials as though you have had a million clients in that same industry…a been there done that so of course you should hire me attitude?  Or do you let them know how darn good you are at research and how becoming a student rather than a “know it all” behooves them and your craft?  Because any good content writer will tell you it’s about RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH …and yet more RESEARCH.  That includes your company client, their area of expertise, their competition and what’s not being said/done/reflected in their own and competitors marketing identity.   You have to write it like you live it, in it…their world, their conference rooms and marketing strategy meetings.

Recently I took on a client in a very interesting and technical industry.  And I certainly can admit some hesitation and anxiety prior to the pitch.  It was seemingly too technical for a person who spent a good deal of my career in a very white collar legal environment.  But I soon realized that this is what it’s all about.  What content writers do-we morph.  And through many hours of research and allowing my brain to think outside its confines and experience, I soon became intrigued and began to write in such a manner that impressed me (really it did) and my client.  This is what allows you to write from a position of “seeming” expertise and authority rather than obvious novice.

So stay encouraged my fellow content writers and bloggers- embrace what you don’t know, learn what you need to and then write like you live it.

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  1. Hope Elliott
    Hope Elliott says:

    Jean – well said, or written! As a grant writer, I am faced with similar situations and have come to realize that it is what I love about what I do. I am constantly learning new things – it makes life interesting! P.S. My website is under construction currently, so there isn’t much content there right now.

    • Design Theory
      Design Theory says:

      Hi Hope, thank you for commenting! This article was actually writing by our copywriter Yvonne Barber. She’s deserves the credit. As for learning new things, that’s a good thing. We’re always evolving and growing, I know with each web design project we get, we end up learning about that industry or trade in ways we probably never would had it not been for that client. And with each new project you’re pushed to a limit you never approached before, but gratified when you overcome it!

    • Yvonne
      Yvonne says:

      HI Hope – Yvonne here. Thanks for your comments. I have a friend who was a grant writer for several years and that can be challenging for sure. Anytime we “writers” have to morph into our client’s best advocate it can sometimes be a difficutl transition from one to the next. I love to learn new things and that’s why being a writer not stuck in a particular genre is quite so exciting to me.

      If by chance you are need assistance with your website, Design Theory can help you if you are interested. Check us out at http://jpdesigntheory.com/index.html.

      Have a great day 🙂

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