Ideas for putting the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving to your clients

Happy Thanksgiving (from Design Theory)As the end of the year gets closer most of us start thinking more about our family and what we plan to do for the holidays. Family trips, big dinners, presents right? Well a lot of you are pretty talented designers, so why not come up with some pretty cool ways to reach out to your clients to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving in a truly personal way that’s all your own. It’s a really great way to grab their attention from all the other pieces of mail, email, and rudimentary things they’ll be receiving that they plan to immediately shove aside.

Idea One: Give thanks with a custom infographic about their business and your role in it. Use 3-4 statistic examples or metrics that can be replicated easily from customer to customer so you can quickly replicate your efforts. This gives an eye pleasing approach to some facts but also promotes your service back to them.

Ideal Two: A handwritten letter sent via snail mail. Do we even write anything anymore outside of our name as a signature? Sure we’re used to emails and SMS but can you imagine how a client would feel opening a letter from you on a papyrus style paper or something with really good texture? It’s something I’m sure they’d share with others and the livelihood  of it being read fully are much higher than a typed letter on regular print paper.

Idea Three: Offer an exclusive and personally direct special offer to some of your clients. Did you design a logo a few months ago? Why not offer a special deal on business cards or letterhead. But take it one step further and create a mockup already made and ready to print for them. With a watermark of course.

Idea Four: Customer Loyalty program. Track back in your previous or past conversations with your clients and see if you can find any hints on some products or services you offer that they may want. Specifically the things they want that they may have felt at the time was just out of their budget. Offer it to them at a sale or discount. They’ll appreciate the sale/discount because they will remember what the true value or price was prior to your new offer. Make it compelling by leaving a purchase window for 24-48 hours.

Any tactics you’ve used in the past that were beneficial that you’d like to add? Share with us in the comments below. If you’d like a copy of the Happy Thanksgiving graphic, request a layered (un-watermarked) PNG here.


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  1. Gariphic
    Gariphic says:

    Timely post and great suggestions. I always make it a goal to thank all my clients at Thanksgiving. Some years it’s with a sincere handwritten personal note and on other occasions a custom graphic greeting card. (Everyone appreciates snail mail that’s not a bill). Telling your client how much you appreciate them speaks volumes. The clients attention span is much clearer now than waiting for Christmas holidaze when they’re really busy + also bombarded with mail.

    I also use the New Year as a mailing date to connect w/clients. New Year=New opportunities, for both client and you.

    • jpDesignTheory
      jpDesignTheory says:

      Hey Gary, thanks for commenting. Glad to hear your testimony on reaching out to your clients around Thanksgiving. The inner pen pal in me loves to receive mail that isn’t a bill, and although it takes a bit of time and brushing up on my penmanship, I do believe in handwritten letters of thanks. Doing a second round for New Years is a great idea too. So many people feel a sense of renewal and ambition. Why not capitalize that with a more services from a familiar business.

  2. Daphne Lenti
    Daphne Lenti says:

    Great ideas, I always try to send hand written notes. I makes a big difference on the client. My grandmother used to say that in the every written letter goes a piece of you.

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